The best technical solutions in the world will have no effect if they are not implemented properly, or if they are not continuously updated as technology evolves.

Update Cyber Strategy and Upgrade Technical and Service Providers

At Onyx, we constantly review and update our toolkit to ensure our clients are best prepared for the challenges of a continuously evolving security environment. Both the threats and vulnerabilities our clients face are dynamic and without a maturing set of tools and services, even the best initial strategy would be doomed.

We partner with leading security vendors and continually research new potential partners to ensure you benefit from the latest technologies and services to defend your enterprise assets. Joint R&D and business development activities bring our clients the benefit of continuous and robust innovation. Additionally, being product agnostics allows us to pick and choose the best tools in the cyber security industry.

Security is not an attainable static state, but an ongoing practice – constant diligence is required.

Revisit and Update Strategy

It is essential that the assessment process be open ended and repeated regularly. Security is not an attainable static state, but an ongoing practice – constant diligence is required. Continual assessments, that including penetration testing, is a must to stay ahead of this ever- morphing enemy.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the bad guys are winning not just because of ignorance, but in the addition to the fact that they only have to be right once. Equifax happened because they missed ONE patch. While Equifax’s data should have been encrypted and not on an internet facing server, the breach happened because of just one missed patch.

Threat Intelligence

Onyx provides its clients tailored threat intelligence. We prepare a tailored threat report that allows clients to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape and to react quickly to threats that actually affect their unique environments.

Internal infosec staffing solutions

The world is desperately short of cyber-security expertise.

Onyx assists its clients in addressing the cybersecurity talent/skills gaps shortages. We identify workforce talent gaps, and create plans for in-house training, recruiting and interim staffing when needed. Onyx’s contacts give us access to top talent across the globe that we are able to tap into and utilize to expertly manage your security operations.

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