Cybersecurity is a human problem NOT a technical issue!

Email remains the vector of choice for malware. To make matters worse, a cleverly disguised email attachment that appears to come from an official source can often get past even the most powerful security system. Then add a persistent hacker’s clever social engineering techniques, and even the most well-trained individual or employee may fall victim to a phishing campaign or other malicious attack.

When it comes to clients’ security architecture, their employees’ “bring your own” mobile devices and networks, the popularity of wearables and IoT devices, and often poor passwords are often their greatest vulnerabilities.

Tailored Awareness Training

At Onyx, we educate and train our clients’ employees on their individual needs not on some one size fits all training program. Our clients and their employees appreciate our tailored training that gives them the crucial education they need and does not waste their critical time on training that they do not need.

Staff Assessments (Simulated Phishing Exercises)

We do an initial comprehensive assessment of our clients and their staffs’. Onyx will simulate social engineering and phishing attacks of various content in varying degrees of difficulty to assist in these assessments. From these assessments, we are able to understand clients’ vulnerabilities and their training needs. We then follow these assessments up with security awareness and anti-phishing training. This training ultimately provides our clients with the human defense in addition to their technical.

Culture of Security

Successful cybersecurity practices depend upon creating a culture of security. Our training helps our clients communicate the importance of cybersecurity to their employees. Why our best practice is to train everyone in our clients’ corporations (including contractors and vendors) in robust cybersecurity practices.

Return on Training Investment

Global spending on security awareness training for employees is predicted to reach $10 billion by 2027, up from around $1 billion in 2014. Training employees how to recognize and defend against cyber-attacks is the most under spent sector of the cybersecurity industry. Employee training may prove to be the best ROI on cybersecurity investments for organizations.


We also assist clients in establishing monitoring abilities to prevent both deliberate and accidental insider threats. Despite many organizations’ best attempts at security awareness, employees continue to be a weak link and even with training, a monitoring system is a necessity.

Individual Awareness

The key to protecting yourself and your wealth may not be through a high-tech solution. Awareness of your online activity and the personal information you use online while working, shopping, banking, investing, networking, learning, etc. may be your best defense. Without proper training usernames, passwords, social security numbers, birthdays, maiden names, pets’ names can all be collected anonymously to commit fraud. Onyx clients are taught to recognize deceptive cyber ploys and other common threats to help enable them to act as the first line of defense against cyber-attacks. Additionally, they are instructed about safe password management and secure browsing practices.

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