Onyx assists in early detection measures to neutralizing cyberattacks and threats before severe damage is done.

While no one wants to think they will be a victim of a cyber-attack or fraud, the reality is that even with security measures in place, no one is beyond reach and everyone is a target. Individuals and companies must assume defenses will be breached. This highlights the need for Onyx’s assistance in early detection measures to neutralizing cyberattacks and threats before severe damage is done. The difference between detecting cyberattacks or fraudulent activity within the first 24 hours can be the difference of no damage to completely bankrupting a company.

No one is immune to data loss incidents, and no one is better equipped than Onyx to help you identify and close security gaps once they occur.

Incident Response

Onyx works with clients to ensure a quick and thorough response to minimize the impact on data availability and integrity when attacks inevitably occur. We provide trusted people and technology solutions that help ensure real-time protection of our clients’ mission essential data. How you initially respond to security incidents determines whether the incident becomes manageable or whether it quickly gets out of hand causing damage to your brand, reputation, and material loss for your company.

Onyx helps clients reduce their time to respond to an incident and improve the overall effectiveness of their responses. Our experts work to contain the breach, mitigate the threat and protect your most important assets. We assess, triage, and contain an attack as rapidly and efficiently as possible. As a result, we minimize the duration and impact on you and your company from an active cyber security breach.

After the immediate threat of an incident has been mitigated, focus shifts to eradicating all traces of the threat and recovering your impacted systems. Proper and thorough eradication is essential – companies often believe an incident is resolved, only to find themselves responding to the same incident again days later because of incomplete eradication. After a cyberattack, Onyx provides clients with post-incident reports with priorities identified for appropriate leadership.

Incident Response Strategy and Preparation

Prepare a response plan that will respond in the event the system is attacked.

Onyx’s incident response advisors help clients understand the nature of the incident, communicate to appropriate stakeholders and provide clarity and guidance on the actions that are needed to recover from a security breach. Our advisors’ military and intelligence experience has trained them to act swiftly and clearly to a crisis.

From our experience, many organizations are ill-equipped for proper response to handling security incidents. Building effective incident response capabilities takes careful planning, understanding of modern threats, guiding risk management principles and participation of stakeholders at all levels of the organization. Onyx assists our clients in incident response strategy and preparation so they are able to have a well-executed response instead of falling into chaos when a breach occurs.

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