Onyx assists our clients in streamlining technology deployments, upgrading software, and managing their overall security posture.

After strategies are in place Onyx implements solutions, manages operations, and monitors systems to ensure they are up to date and providing the strongest security possible. Onyx assists our clients in streamlining technology deployments, upgrading software, and managing their overall security posture.

Personal, Executive, Staff Security Solutions Implementation and Monitoring

As laid out in Onyx’s advisory strategies, not only is personal information at risk, personal safety is also at risk.

The explosive growth of interconnected technologies and mobile communications has created millions of new targets for criminals. Even our vehicles, home security systems and “smart” appliances can be hacked and used against us.

Onyx clients are often high value targets due to their wealth, public persona, job position and makes them greater targets for crime, such as extortion or kidnap-and-ransom plots. Criminals can easily search the open-source Internet to reveal one’s identity, financial status, residence, family members, etc. This allows criminals to essentially build a targeting profile similar to what law enforcement and intelligence agencies create.

Physical Protection

Not only is our personal information at risk, our personal safety is also at risk. The ability to build profiles against high value targets makes them extremely vulnerable to physical attacks. Criminals now know where and when you or your family will be home or traveling, what hotel rooms you are staying in, events you are attending, etc. Onyx knows these physical risks all too well and provides its clients with close physical protection 24 hours a day and while traveling abroad.

Counter Surveillance: Home, Boardroom, Hotel, Travel

Onyx provides individuals and business clients with counter surveillance services to ensure unwanted eyes and ears aren’t able to steal your most valuable or personal information. Our list of counter surveillance services includes Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) sweeps of homes, offices, hotels or other locations where sensitive information or activity is conducted.

Managed Security Service Provider Consulting

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) help companies keep up with today’s constantly changing threat landscape, relieve stress and reduce expense. But not all MSSPs are the same and Onyx’s consulting services assists our clients in choosing the best fit for their size, industry, vulnerabilities, and budgets. No two networks or secure environments are the same, so your managed security services shouldn’t be either.

MSSPs are rapidly replacing traditional IT security operational management because they provide a more cost-effective method of managing and protecting enterprise networks, systems, applications, ensuring compliance. Outsourcing your 24×7 security operations can often fulfill compliance requirements, while also keeps your systems safe and up to date. Some MSSPs can also provide a turnkey 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) at a fraction of the cost of staffing, running and maintaining a facility on your own.

But while some MSSP require your organization to fit into their mold of services, we assist in custom built solutions that can be tailored to fit your company. We understand that cybersecurity is a complex and challenging landscape that changes fast and is best handles with tailored solutions instead of cookie-cutter services that don’t closely fit your individual security needs, budgets, and timelines.

Technology Consulting and Implementation: Individual and Business

Onyx is product agnostic so that we can always provide our clients with the most up to date and best technology.

We also have strong strategic partnerships with leading security technology providers, giving us access to their continuous upgrades and innovations at a reduced rate, but only if their products are the best fit for our clients.

Simply deploying security products isn’t enough. Security devices must be properly updated and patched to protect against internal and external threats and policies, signatures and rules need to be updated and maintained to ensure accessibility, provide security and to comply with regulations.

Even the best security software must be:

  • Properly installed and configured
  • Fully utilized
  • Effectively managed and maintained
  • Then it must be monitored and customized to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Don’t risk significant gaps in security due to your technology’s untapped capabilities.

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