Onyx CTS is Security’s Most Trusted Advisor of End-To-End Cyber and Physical Solutions.

We build unique, tailored security solutions for individuals & businesses.

“We are always looking ahead to stay on top of the latest & best technology.”

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Onyx builds unique, tailored solutions. We provide custom solutions to your individual security needs, not an “out of the box” solution. We are also inherently and practically discrete.
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By being product and services agnostic we utilize the latest and best technology and service providers, not outdated and unqualified service providers like many cyber firms.
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Our service providers come from elite intelligence agencies.

Our providers have been trained to counter the world’s most skillful cyber adversaries. With Onyx you receive expert, tailored guidance from seasoned professionals with offensive government and intel agency experience in building a more secure and compliant organization.
Technology 100%
Intelligence 100%
Trust 100%

Veteran Owned & Operated

Since we have worked in the world’s elite military and intelligence agencies, we continue to be trusted by them as a top government and military contractor.

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